War Chimp Industries is our custom RIF development company. Our team of highly skilled and passionate "Techs" work tirelessly to ensure each and every RIF we send out is unique to its owner. Our passion for the sport and attention to detail allows us to provide our clients with truly bespoke airsoft systems.

Have a look at some of our recent work

We are happy to be contacted directly, however we do have a dedicated distributor here in the UK. Please click here to visit Bomb Up Airsoft who will also be happy to help you with your enquiry.
Image of 'The Ghost'

BASE - G17

Some Features:
Custom Slide
Internally de-burred
Enamelled white lower

"Shiny" - Everyone

Image of 'Overkill DMR'

BASE - G&G GT Advanced

Some Features:
Tight Bore Barrel
Motor Upgrade
Custom Paint

"Range for days" - Overkill

Image of 'Lil Betty'

BASE - Franken Gun

Some Features:
Stripped & Polished upper and lower
Poseidon Barrel
Lonex Supreme Motor
War Chimp Flat Hop

"It's a thing of beauty" - @lordbombup (Bomb Up Airsoft)

Image of 'The Demon'

BASE - G17

Some Features:
Custom Slide
Internally de-burred
Hand Stippled Lower

"I got so many legit kills with the Glock" - @names_nicco (Click here to see it in action)

Image of 'The Twins'

BASE - Twin 1911's

Some Features:
Hand Finished Paint
Internally de-burred
Custom Engraving

"and they have settled in nicely to their new home, keep up the great work" - @callsign_friendlyfire

Image of 'The Villain'

BASE - Boar Tactical

Some Features:
Custom Paint & Stippled Grip
Lonex Supreme Motor
Madbull Tight Bore Barrel
Big dollop of War Chimp secret sauce

"I need one" - @spartanpunisher

The War Chimp Way

At War Chimp Industries we ensure each and every weapon is treated as our own. We like to focus on the finer details such as removing casting marks from trigger wells and de-burring internally for optimum efficiency. Where custom parts are not available we are able to offer a full 3D print and design facility allowing for truly unique custom Airsoft weapons.

Extreme customisation is what we do best, "our only limit is your imagination".

Where we work

We have a development and workshop facility in Blackpool, with dedicated areas for paint, build, finishing and 3D printing. Although we don't generally allow our clients into the "workshop", we are happy for you to make an appointment to come and speak to use about your build over a coffee and game of pool.

What are the costs

Custom Paint

From £125.00

High Quality Paint
Experienced Artist
Completely Bespoke

De-burr and rebuild

Pistols From £50.00

Slide Track Finishing
Trigger System De-burred
Outer Barrel Polishing


From £200.00

Increase Feet Per Second
Increase Rate of Fire
Increase Efficiency


From £45.00

Machine Finish
Your Text
Your Logo

Custom Hop and Seal

From £40.00

War Chimp Flat Hop
Barrel Seal
Before & After Chrono Readout

Custom Build

From £500.00

New or used Weapon
Consultation with a Chimp
No boundaries

Contact us regarding your RIF

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Max 5 Images

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