S.W.A.T. Urban Airsoft Kyln

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S.W.A.T. Urban Airsoft Kyln is an Airsoft site based in Liverpool, Merseyside.


Inside Environment



Reviewed At 13/01/2019 21:39

This was my first time at this site and I had my expectations low as its a just indoor site HOWEVER When I arrived I had no idea where to go and i spoke to some gents outside who work at S.W.A.T and they told me where to go and what to do. Walked into the Safe Zone and I was amazed at how well laid out it was! I cant comment about the toilets as I never used them but from my understanding there not great. BUT after speaking to one of the Marshals it was explained that it was physically impossible to use the sewage system connected to the building as they have been taken over by tree routes due to the building being derelict for 15+ years. Organisation was pretty much on point however certain objectives in a few of the games were pretty easy for both teams to achieve, making the game last a couple of minutes. However that is only a small handful of games. They were able to think of other games to do which took longer as well as my favourite game which took about 45 minuets to achieve the objective due to both teams being on point with there skills. The guns you can hire are outdated and new ones need to be bought, but with saying that they are well looked after and still in a playable condition. (Today noone had isssues with the hire) THE SITE ITSELF: Multiple floors of 1 or 2 which are in the process of being updated but even with that said they were still fun to play! Fast paced action even and can still be enjoyable with 10 players (We had 16/18 today i believe) The Marshalls were some of the most friendly people I met and where happy to help with any questions. Complaints were dealt with when they came up (Only a few today) Most players are honest and friendly. The youngest player who was with us today was 9 who I believe enjoyed it but was just a little bit to much for him. But his older brother (11 y/o) Thoroughly enjoyed it. When the 9 y/o had enough the Marshals took him under their wing and let him stand with them in a High Vis so he could still watch the action! Another thing with the Marshals, even though it was my first time they were still happy to joke around with me and my mate and we felt very accepted by the whole team. Never a dull moment and all the floors were really fun to play. I 100% will be returning to S.W.A.T. And would recommend it to everyone!


Reviewed At 05/12/2018 16:15

Site could do with work, the game modes are the same all the time and if you do have a complaint the marshalls are to busy on thier phone to really care. If you need the toilet enjoy the bucket in a tent.

Brandon Jackson

Reviewed At 06/11/2018 11:18

Awesome cqb site. 7 floors games always varied and challenging. Marshall’s keep games flowing well and they help less experienced players and make them feel welcome. I would recommend this site to beginners and seasoned players


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1 charley wood road, knowsley - liverpool - merseyside, L337SG




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